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Prehistoric Art

4. Venus of Willendorf
(in preparation)

Ancient Art

Medieval Art

Renaissance Art

1. Leonardo's Last Supper

2. Leonardo's Mona Lisa

3. Albrecht Dürer's Prodigal Son

Baroque Art

18th-century Art

19th-century Art

20th-century Art

Contemporary Art

Leonardo da Vinci
Mona Lisa

Learn about Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and why she’s so famous.

Created, Written and Hosted By
Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe

Editing, Effects and Encoding
Aaron Mahler

Audio Production and Closing Theme
Greg Ingber

Image Editing and Production Assistance
Tess Drahman

Richard Mahler

Louvre Photo
Adam Schneider

Mona Lisa
Suzanne Ramsey

Freesound Project
Marker Sound by Hari
Squeak by Propthis

Lute Theme
Fantasia 4 by Edward Martin
Available at magnatune.com

Special Thanks
Cheryl Warnock
Rosemary Witcombe
Kelsey Dellaporte
Kylene Hayslett
Kim Wadelton
Lauren Bomar


Posted by Lydia Lehr on February 9, 2007:

This is terrific! I loved the clip on the Mona Lisa. I hope to show it in my Art History Class. Thank-you! Lydia

Posted by Claire Wittman on February 9, 2007:

These podcasts are really great! Our entire class thought they were hilarious! I hope you get your grant to make more of them!
Claire Wittman, Mrs. Witcombe's 7th Grade Art Class

Posted by Rebecca McCord on February 24, 2007:

My six-year-old daughter, Catherine, and I enjoyed both the instructive and humorous elements of these podcasts, and look forward to future installments. Congratulations! Dr. Rebecca McCord, Music Professor

Posted by LINETTE SMITH on February 26, 2007:


Posted by Sarah Hart on March 10, 2007:

I am so glad to see that the great Professor Witcombe is still up to his internet antics! These are really great and they remind me of the DaVinci Code class from two years ago. I look forward to the next one!
~Sarah Hart, SBC grad and Art History groupie

Posted by Cynthia I. Webb on August 14, 2007:

All I can say is WOW! I would love for my students to be able to see these! Are you going to make any available? Do I need to subscribe? I teach about 37 elementary classes a week. I like your format.....quick....informative....and entertaining! Thank you so much!!! I have been teaching elementary art for 28 years.....finding this is so refreshing!!
Elementary Art Chairperson.....Cynthia Webb

Posted by Rebecca on September 4, 2007:

These videos are great! I will definitely use them in class! Keep 'em coming!

Posted by Val Pientka on September 5, 2007:

Awesome, I love it. Keep them coming!!!!!!

Posted by Jan Vallar-Gillette on September 5, 2007:

These are TOO COOL! We want more.

Posted by Jeanne-Marie McIntyre on September 28, 2007:

I am in love with your art history web page and these videos are fabulous! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see more of them.

Posted by Karin Kearney on November 6, 2007:

Professor Witcombe's vidoes combined with his essays are invaluable tools for the beginning art historian, or for someone, like me, who has become rusty around the edges and would like a refresher course.

Posted by angel alvarez on November 13, 2007:

Wonderfully informative and at the same time funny and amusing. A real invitation to appreciating art!

Posted by Brillaevall on October 5, 2008:

well done, brother

Posted by Juliette Lone on December 15, 2008:


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1. Leonardo's Last Supper

2. Leonardo's Mona Lisa

3. Albrecht Dürer's Prodigal Son

4. Venus of Willendorf
(in preparation)


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